Monday, September 3, 2007

It's Alive!!

Hi, everybody. It's launched. My website is live. I'm so thrilled with the outcome. It's gorgeous.

My web designer, Lisa Lynham, has done an outstanding job. Thank you so much, Lisa. When Lisa and I first started talking about this whole thing, she was living in in the Bay Area and working with my husband. But she up and moved to Portland in the middle of all of this. And still, she was able to make the final product exactly what I wanted. It's perfect. Long distance relationships DO work.

Thank you thank you thank you, Kris Larson for writing the content for me. All I had to do was tell her what I do and how passionate I am about what I do and she wrote all that content. Kris, you are an amazing writer. She really is, you guys. You should all go to her website and read it daily because she's hysterical, clever, witty, smart, and she's gorgeous to boot. A lethal combination.

My father in-law, Victor Miller, took all of the photographs for the site. He's not only a talented writer, he's an amazing photographer. Thanks, papa in law!! I've never looked better. And we had so much fun doing it. He made me feel relaxed and confident. He's not only a great father in law, he's a really wonderful friend.

Big thanks to Laurie Lion from Viva Diva Boutique for letting me use her boutique for my photo shoot. What an awesome dame. Not only did she agree to let me use her place of business during business hours, she was helping us stage the photos. Laurie and her employees were cheerleading for me during the entire shoot. It really built up my confidence. So, thank you, Laurie.

Also, thanks to Scott Evans for providing my hosting. I don't really know what that means, but I'm pretty sure the site couldn't live without him. Scott is an awesomely sweet, and lovable fella. I adore him. THANKS SCOTT!!

Last but certainly not least. Thanks to Ian, husband extraordinaire, for his support and love. And copy editing. Ian is my rock and he's been encouraging me to pursue my passion for years. I stand taller and feel more proud because of his love and devotion. I love you, Ian. Thanks!!

And a big thanks to all of you for believing in me. Now, go check out my website and let's start making the Bay Area more glamorous and confident!!



Emily Neill said...

Dude, this looks awesome - congrats from your east coast counter part -

Em (Closet Smarts)

Jacqueline said...

it is great tracy and i'm so glad it's up and at 'em! of course, you are stunning in all of your photos. love you!!!