Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shirt Dress and Then Some...

I know I'm boring you all with my incessant complaining about the weather in the Bay Area. But come on. REALLY? When oh when will we get to have warm weather and experience what the rest of the world is experiencing. SUMMER!! Ok, I'm done for now.

So, I love this plaid shirt dress that I bought at a friends' store in Oakland called Slash. The dress is very light weight and it's a great piece to throw on with a pair of flip flops. However, it's freezing here so I had to get creative. I pulled a v-neck sweater over it and belted it. Then I had to add a wool blazer. And then a huge cashmere scarf. I refused to wear boots, so I paired all of this with a great chocolate brown heeled sandal. I know that it appears as if I'm wearing white tights, but that's just my legs. Don't be scurred.

Shirt Dress: Slash
Sweater: Gap
Blazer: BR
Scarf: BR
Shoes: Cordani
Sunglasses: RayBan

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