Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunny Day

It was an absolutely beautiful day here. A bit chilly but sunny and gorgeous. Even though I'm wearing clear polish on my toes, I had to wear these new sandals my friend Janene gave me. They are FAB and surprisingly from the Gap. I'm so impressed with their shoes these days. I really need to paint my toenails a pretty color, but I'm lazy in the winter and I figure it's not worth it if my feet are covered in thick socks and boots.

Another thing that I'm loving right now is my new heavy duty leather hole puncher. I have abnormally narrow feet and I was able to punch a couple extra holes in these shoes to make them buckle tighter. Now the shoes fit nice and snug as if they were made for my weird skinny feet. I can't wait to punch holes in some of my belts and anything else I can get my hands on. If I'd known this tool was so cheap, I would have bought it years ago.

Big shout out to Halie from Prada For Breakfast for featuring me along with some other really amazing bloggers in this post. Check out her blog. She's fantastic! Thank you, Halie.

Shirt: Express (super soft silk and gorgeous color $21!!)
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Shoes: Gap (c/o Janene)
Leopard belt: Express
Bracelet: Swarovski
Necklace and Sunglasses: Tiffany


pradaforbreakfast said...

Tracy, you're welcome! You always have such amazing and creative outfits.

And I've never heard of a leather hole punch before! I'm bookmarking that for later to add to my next Amazon will definitely be helpful for adding a few extra holes to some too-big belts.

I love the location of these photos! It looks great with your outfit....the blue shirt is gorgeous and I love the shoes - I need to pay more attention to the shoes next time I'm in Gap. (Although I've been liking their stuff more seems to be a lot more similar to J. Crew nowadays and you can usually find something good on sale!)


Lady Lipstick said...

Hey girl! I am so glad that you enjoyed my tutu post!!
I am loving this simple yet chic outfit! And those sandals, they are just fabulous! They style and the color!!! Delish!


Shybiker said...

Nice shoes. And sometimes clear polish is as attractive as color. With this shoes, for example, color would be distracting.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Your shoes are amazing! I also want a leather hole punch..could have used it in the past for so many things. Thanks for the info!

Ashley said...

Thank you for the tip off on the leather hole puncher! Some of my belts desperately need it. I had no idea it was so cheap either...

Noo shoos! I haven't gotten a new pair in forever. Nevermind the three pairs I got for Christmas...

silvergirl said...

can't believe those shoes are from the GAP
I need to pay more attention to the shoes next time I go in there
No sun here... just lots of snow

Collette Osuna said...

Double love love it....and the shoes...good godddd...I have to start looking a bit more carefully myself:)

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Ninjagaiden78 said...

I like this outfit.

Jess said...

Love the jeans. Great blog!

diana kang said...

love this casual chic look! its so simple and looks so good! xx

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