Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Arizona Bound

Vacation baby! I'm going to enjoy the sun and of course some baseball. I mean to say, LOTS of baseball. Just wanted to show you my nifty packing lists and my suitcase complete with baseball glove. Sometimes a player will throw me a ball which is always really freak'n cool. When it happens, as the ball is being released from the players hand and headed my way, I'm thinking, "Please baby jesus don't let me miss this. Please catch the ball. Don't close your eyes.........Phew, caught."

I miss you guys already! I'll be checking in next Tuesday and catching up on all of your new outfit posts. Have fun getting dressed.


silvergirl said...

Hope you have a great time and the rain stays away... does it even rain much in Arizona anyway?

I am cracking up at your packing list. I have to say that is the one area I DO plan in my life. Packing for a trip.

Hope you catch that foul ball or whatever the term is for a wayward ball.


Shybiker said...

Love the glove! It's so cool you like baseball, too. I'm glad your Giants did so well last year. Right now I'm rooting for Tampa Bay 'cause Manny moved there with Johnny Damon. Have a fun time in AZ!

Collette Osuna said...

Cute packing list....have fun!!

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pradaforbreakfast said...

Have fun, Tracy! I'm sure the weather will be fantastic.

Also, I tried the bun you showcased in your last post last night and to my surprise, it worked perfectly! I'm so excited now, it's a great (and elegant) way to keep my hair out of my face.


Ashley said...

Ugh. So envious of you! Have so much fun! I know I did. Wish I was there right now. Might be coming back next week! Will text you to let you know.

I like your way of packing. I just layed out everything on the floor and then rolled it up into my luggage. Maybe I should stick to planning it out on would save a lot of space!

Bonnie said...

Have fun!!!
Annnddd I love your packing list. Mine are always, like, a billion pages long, and I catalog EVERYTHING.
I think I have OCD.
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Sabina said...

Have a wonderful time darling!

Lovely blog, come see mine! :)

Twenty.Something said...

So jealous! Have a great time.