Tuesday, April 5, 2011

White Blazer

Here's the white blazer from my shopping trip to Zara this weekend. It's so great. I'm not sure how long I can keep it clean, however. I mean, it's so white. I was worried all day long about spilling something on it. Only time will tell.

I'm also wearing green jeans and a striped tank from Zara. It's the best luck I've ever had there, really. It wasn't just the amazing selection of clothes that made it a successful shopping trip. The customer service was stellar. I was shocked actually. That's a bad sign if you're shocked when you get good customer service. Right?

Blazer/Jeans/Tank: Zara
Shoes: Nine West
Sunglasses: Chloe


graphpaperheart said...

Oh my GOD what a great shoulder on that blazer! What great finds all around!

dimi said...

I love the jacket and this very bold print combination. (green pants?!? - respect). I'm not only surprised when I get good service, I'm even more surprised when I meet genuine, good and kind people! (now that I've said that out loud, it sucks!Def. not normal...). Have a lovely day :)

ChiccaStyle said...

Love the entire outfit, especially the blazer!

Shybiker said...

Super stylish blazer.

Collette Osuna said...

Kudos to you chickie poo for rocking these pants!!! I love everything you got going on here......A+!!!

Catita said...

what are you saying! they look as good on you and your paired them well with the white blazer, I was just thinking of how pretty they would look with a white blazer! For sure my next outfit style with the jeans and some killer black heels ;)