Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sheer Shirt

Today is my Friday. I'm taking the actual Friday off to extend this long weekend. So, today is TGIT (pronounced, tuhgit). I'm making things up. That's what I do.

Anyway, I'm wearing this great sheer, over-sized, shirt today over a tube top and grey slacks. That's right. I said "slacks".

Have a wonderful July 4th weekend everyone!

Sheer top: Ladakh via Hawthorn Boutique
Tube top: Gap (thank you, Janene!!)
Slacks: AG's
Wedges: Dolce Vita via Piperlime
Sunglasses: Chloe
Jean jacket: Current and Elliot


Shybiker said...

Love the shirt. And, this is just me and a result of my lifelong deviance: I love words like "slacks." And "blouse." And "petticoats." I better stop before I embarrass myself.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love seeing you in the white and the yellow!! You look great in the younger colors....

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

This sheer top is beautiful and I am loving oversized shirts these days- easy breezy for the summer month! I say 'trousers' but slacks is even better!

StylePantry said...

That shirt is amaze balls. Beautiful, Tracy :)