Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day

I'm finally posting what I wore on Christmas day. I spent the day at my in-laws house in Alameda, CA. It's only a few minutes away from where we live. Super convenient and great to have family so close by.

My father in-law has won several Emmys for being a writer for soap operas. He wrote for several soaps before retiring and moving to California to be closer to his sons (my husband and his brother). Anyway, I love that the Emmys are visible in the background above. Also, my father in-law, Victor, took that first picture of me. Victor photo bombed the shot of me with my nephew, Kai. He's goofy and wonderful as well as a talented writer.

I decided to give in to the preppy vibe of this sweater by wearing gingham and pearls. I like how it turned out.

My nephew, Kai, made me this clutch out of duct tape for my Christmas present. Remember that name. He's going to be famous some day.

These gloves are crazy fun: Present from Tanya, Josh, and Kai

Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Shirt: BR
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Coat: Tahari
Sunglasses: Tiffany
Shoes: Dolce Vita


Ashley said...

Whoa. Real Emmy's! Seriously, grrl. Hook me up. I saw this picture on you Facebookizzle and didn't even notice them. I was just so busy looking at your wonder (also known as your rockin' outfit and beautiful teef).

You have such a great family. If only my relatives made me duct tape clutches instead of cards with someone else's name on them.

Audrey said...

You look great, Tracy! You can never go wrong with gingham or hot pink :) I love the Emmy cool! Happy Holidays!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

That top picture should be in a magazine! Seriously, it is my favorite picture of yours! You look amazing in this color! Looks like a super cool family.

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Love the preppier outfit with this sweater this time. And hot pink is such a great color on you. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas. Have a wonderful New Year as well!

skippysays said...

Ah Tracy that color is AMAZING on you! I just got a sweater that's a really similar color, and I'm going to try wearing it over a really similar shirt I have. Because I'm a thief like that :)

Shybiker said...

Holy shit! Real Emmys! Like Ashley, I was too mesmerized by your outfit to notice them at first. Your purple sweater is amazing.

Shybiker said...

Oops... some might call that color pink and not purple. A lot of time, I confuse the two colors. Whatever it's called, it's pretty!

Laura Go said...

Tracy, I love you in pink! You look amazing in this outfit, especially those heels!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Style Journey said...

Holy crap! Emmys? That's awesome! You look amazing in your preppy outfit. The gingham and pearls look great with the sweater. Kai just sounds like a famous designer brand already :) Glad you had a great Christmas. Heather & Kayla

dani said...

I love this outfit! The checkers + bright sweater look awesomeeee.

Also. I used to be obsessed with Days of Our Lives. (I don't know if he wrote for that one, but I sure hope so hahahaha.) I used to come home from school my senior year of high school after lunch to watch it, and lie to my work and said I had a 5th period so I could stay home to watch the entire show. That's dedication.

And your nephew is presh. :) And I love the name Kai!

And I think that's all. For now.

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Tracy you look so pretty in pink and I love the unexpected addition of gingham! What a talented father-in-law and nephew and I can't wait to see how you style those feather gloves! Happy Belated B-day, I hope you had a great day! :)

navy and orange said...

too cute! love the pop of pink vs the regular red!

xoxo navy & orange

Kat said...

Preppy, colourful and yet not saccharine. Just perfect. Bonus points for the photobomb (bombed photo?) and real Emmys! Are they heavy?