Monday, March 26, 2012

My Dinner With Ashley

I finally met my soul blogger sister this past weekend. Ashley and I hit it off in the blogosphere easily as if we'd always known each other. I've been wanting to meet her in person for the longest time. And I couldn't have been more pleased by the outcome.

Ashley jokes about her photos being trickery with photo shop and that's why her skin is so perfect and her eyes are so sultry. Well, it turns out that it's not true. In person it's the exact same. Perfection, I tell you. Her skin is like porcelain. Like a doll. I had to touch it to see if it was real. I touched her hair too. I'm so creepy. But to be fair, I asked permission first. (Um, yes even creepier, I see that now.) She said yes. Does it matter that she looked terrified? Not really. It had to be done.

When I saw Ashley I took off running and gave her a full on spider hug. That's where you use your arms AND your legs to hug someone. I was overwhelmed. What can I say? She handled my enthusiasm gracefully. She was so sweet and kind and really funny. I'm a big fan of people with a sense of humor. And when it matches mine? Priceless.

The worst part about the evening was the part where I had to say goodbye. It all went by way too fast. I felt like we'd just skimmed the surface. I hope we will see each other again so that we can talk and laugh some more. And perhaps go the the bathroom and pee together again. Oh yes. I just said that. When we were in the bathroom Ashley said, "Is this weird that we're peeing together?" We laughed at how weird it was but decided it was also pretty awesome.

I can safely say that I am more in love with Ashley than before we met and I didn't think that was possible. She wrote about our meeting here.


Bonnie said...

You ladies are beyond beautiful. Yes, I just paid you a compliment even though I hate you both because you had a meet-up without me. So screw you. But still -- beautiful.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Kat said...

New follower! You two are hilarious. Ditto what Bonnie said, though.

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Oh, how exciting! And thanks for introducing me to Ashley's blog; if she has your sense of humor, she's all good in my book!

You both look gorgeous!

two birds said...

just found you from ashley's blog! so glad i did!!

silvergirl said...

Oh I am so jealous of the two of you
You both are adorbs!
So glad you got along in real life just as well as over the net.
I am still hasseling hubs to get to S.F. soon. He is thinking Sept.
Good luck on your upcoming aerial show!

Stylist Steph said...

So nice you had a great time, Ashley always looks amazing, I am so jealous!!

LyddieGal said...

So fun that you got to meet - and you both look gorgeous!
Chic on the Cheap

Kat said...

This is a friendship made in blogger heaven. You two are both funny and beautiful and stylish and I LOVED reading your impressions of each other - particularly the bits about peeing in two-part harmony (Ashley) and spider hugs (Tracy).

Tiffany said...

Okay, both of you are just gorgeous!! For reals. =)

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Woot woot show some sexy toned legs girls! What beautiful photos- that first one is absolutely stunning! It's so nice to meet a 'soul sista' and I love that you touched her hair- that cracked me up! xo

rlutz said...

You guys are just too cute. I love meeting a blogger in real life and they are just as wonderful as on line!!

dani said...

You're so funny. And so lucky! I still haven't met any blogging friends, but my blogging bling ring and I are finally planning a big meet-up at the end of May and I CAN'T WAIT! Eek!

Also, you're both gorgeous le duhhh!

Ashley said...

I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKED ME. Yay! That would have been quite awkward if you didn't. Quite.

I am so looking forward to visiting you for awesome food and laughs and pee. YUMMY. How's 'bouts my own private aerial show? I'm deserving, right?

Bella Q said...

You are seriously the best kind of creepy. And you both look so gorgeous!

Kathryn said...

Sounds like you both had so much fun! You're both beautiful... and hilarious, I might add. So glad I found your blog from Ashley's!

Statements in Fashion said...

I love seeing ladies look very incredibly cool you got to two are my favs too:)

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Shybiker said...

I have been waiting for the write-up on this encounter for MONTHS. It's like the President of Beautyland meeting the Prime Minister of Gorgeoustown. You want to know all the details. (Well... the peeing detail wasn't really necessary...)

So glad it went well! You two are fated to be friends. You share the same quirky sense of humor; you're both drop-dead gorgeous; and now I see you're the same height! Which means, of course, you could share clothes. A fact that makes (giant) me endlessly jealous.

Great photos, great post. I'm gonna re-read this one several times.

Laura Go said...

you both are fabulous. I am sooo envious that you got to meet with Ashmatashley because she is fabulosa!

♥ laura
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