Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zara Love

Yesterday I was shopping with my lovely friend, Tom. I specifically went to Zara to find a jacket that I'd seen on the interwebs. But in person, it was awful. And it was especially awful on me. But while I was there I came across these amazing salmon jeans! I saw a girl walking around with them on her arm and I screeched, "Oh my god, where did you find those?" She said, "I KNOW, RIGHT?" She pointed at a whole rack of them and luckily there was a pair in my size. This same girl and I were waiting in the fitting room line together. We discussed how these jeans resemble the J Brand tangerine pair that cost $176. These from Zara are$35! Did you get that? I said THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS! Sorry, I'm a little excited. They fit great. Gorgeous color and comfy fit. If you don't own them, you should.

I should also give a shout out to Target for these awesome cork wedges. Love them. They're only $24.99. I posted a close up of the shoes. Please ignore my self pedicure.

The lovely Collette from Statements in Fashion featured me yesterday on her Twitter Tuesday series. I'm so honored. You can read it here.

Blazer, jeans, top, scarf: Zara (top and jeans new, blazer and scarf from 2010
Wedges: Target
Sunglasses: William Rast


Shybiker said...

Love the jeans. Love the wedges. Love the whole outfit.

Most of all, I love being the first one to comment!

Bonnie said...

I want (in) your pants.
See what I did there?
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Tangerine! I love those jeans. I wish we had a Zara nearby - I definitely go hunt those down. Great styling too.

Piper Alexander said...

I love all your looks, does it get old to tell you so? I also love talking to strangers when I'm shopping. Some people talk back and others look at you like "um, do I know you?". And I'm all like "you wish you did", haha.

silvergirl said...

Loving those jeans
Theynwouldnfit perfectly in my collection!
I wanted those shoes but, by the time I got to Target the only sizes left were 10.5 & up

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Great Shoppping! This all looks so the jeans, top, shoes, wonderful! I saw Collette's deserve the recognition!

Brenna said...

Love those! I've been searching for an affordable pair of coral jeans!

Emily said...

You look amazing. Love it all! those shoes are so cute.

Cee said...

If it weren't for Zara, I don't think I'd even own jeans - they get so expensive so quickly! But Zara makes such beautiful ones, in every imaginable colour and style, and the prices are amazing. I absolutely adore your salmon pair; they're the perfect spring shade and they fit you like a glove :)

TheTinyHeart said...

What a great deal on those pretty jeans! I don't know why on earth anyone would spend a fortune on the J Brand ones since these are a dead ringer. And your seersucker sandals are adorbs!

The Tiny Heart

Italina said...

Awesome finds!

The Suburb Experiment said...

I wish there were a Zara nearby! I love chatting with other shoppers, too. It's so fun to make that connection, if even for a few minutes.

The Suburb Experiment

April said...

Very cute! I need to find a Zara shop! I'd rather try on the clothes than order online.

Tiffany said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I want this whole outfit!! I don't think I've ever been in a Zara. We don't have one here. =( And now that I see what I'm missing out on, I just think it isn't at all fair! We do, however, have a Target... And I'm think I might need to get myself some of those cute wedges!!

Jackie said...

cute, i have those wedges too! nice blog!

Jasmine of ❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

hello! stopping by from tiffany's breakfast blog. :) she has been my bloggie friend... and saw her post about you. you have a nice style! enjoyed your posts... and you are a lovely woman. :) just followed you on bloglovin and twitter. have a great day, and hope to visit again. :)